CATS VS DOGS || Funny Things Pets do! Avocado Couple

19 mar. 2021
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Today, Ava chooses a new pet - DOG vs CAT! Which is better?
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Ava loves animals very much. And today she buys a cat! Oh, she's so glad! Her pet is so fluffy, cute, and very... very cheeky.
Seriously, he's acting like royalty! A cat sleeps on the softest beds, eats the best food, and pools pranks at night.
And the neighbor Carrot got a puppy. Now it's a real neighborhood struggle `cause they have to find out which of their pets is better!
What happens when Cado and his dog move in with Ava, who has a cat? Is this the eternal law of nature and dogs and cats can not become friends?
Watch my new episode about funny pet wars!
00:00 PET SHOP
01:00 DOG vs CAT
05:27 PET WAR
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  • Cat or Dog?

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  • Cats like being outside

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  • I love dogs😃❤️🐶🐾

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    • Good

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  • Other than that it's funny and when a cat sees a robber 😾 😥 🐅😭💀💀💀👻

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  • Cat and dog cats aren't as mean and that aren't mean and dogs love me like I'm famous and dogs aren't so generous and cats are cute and nice

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    • Talking about the first clip

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  • Some thing wrong on PET WAR you see that dog prank a cat and then it pick up the boots or something it duplicate now there are 3 boots or something

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    • On the first prank

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  • Cats are loving to dogs even if the dogs aren’t nice to them dogs love cats in any way and not gonna lie dogs and cats are hardheaded but still adorable and active

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  • This is not true

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  • Cat

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